Monday, April 26, 2021

An addicted woman who became a millionaire

 Eliza Rose Watson, 31, got into modelling aged 23 and began dabbling with cocaine and other drugs, staying out all night and partying for days. The addiction got so bad that she resorted to stealing money from her own mom. Eliza found herself homeless and crashing out at friends' houses or sleeping on random people's couches. She managed to pick herself up thanks to a friend who suggested she joined an “Alcoholics Anonymous” meeting.

She ended up attending all the meetings and going through their 12-step program, completely changing her life in the process. In December 2019 Eliza launched her own “OnlyFans” page and soon found herself making $3,000 a month which then rose to $140,000 when the pandemic hit. She has now racked up almost $1.5 million from the site in the past 12 months and isn’t planning to stop anytime soon.